What are Considered Sexual Advances in the Workplace?

While you’re in the workplace, you have the right to be in an environment that is free of any kind of discrimination or sexual advancements. Although comments and gestures are among the common types of advancements that are made, the world of sexual advancements and harassment often delves a bit deeper. If you have experienced any kind of issue of this nature from your employer, consider contacting an attorney who can inform you of the rights that you have and what is prohibited while you’re in the workplace.

Any time that your employer makes an advance against you of a sexual nature, it can be considered harassment. This is important to remember as you usually need to experience a significant situation involving the advances that occur or experience them for an extended length of time in order for any damages to be awarded in court. If the activity occurs one or two times, it could be considered harassment if it’s severe in nature. Repeated advancements need to be recorded so that you can give the information to your attorney. This will make it easier to present a case in court against your employer. Once the details have been submitted, your attorney can then work to gather more evidence and attempt to negotiate with your employer about some type of settlement. If one can’t be reached, then you’ll likely need to have a hearing in front of a judge.

When an employer discriminates against your gender, it can be considered harassment because of the nature of the event. Sometimes, you might think that you have time to file a report. You might fear that you’re going to lose your job or be demoted. There are protections in place that can allow you to keep the job that you have if you don’t want to leave as sexual harassment is prohibited in the workplace as well as sexual advances that make you feel uncomfortable or that result in a work environment that is considered hostile.

At times, your employer might try to claim that the advances were a joke or not intended for you. If they occur on a regular basis, then this would mean that the advances are not a joke and that you are a clear victim of the statements or gestures that are being made. There is often tension that is created in the workplace because of the sexual advances that occur and any other types of harassment that occur that involve other employees. Keep in mind that women can commit sexual harassment by making advances just as often as men can, which is something that you might not think about or even expect when you begin working. Both men and women can be victims of sexual advances.

There are several examples of sexual advances that are quite common in the workplace, some that you don’t hear of or think about because they aren’t reported as often as others. Jokes that have a sexual nature behind them and stories that are about sexual acts are common types of advancements. If you’re touched in a way that is sexual and unwanted, then this can be considered harassment and can sometimes result in a criminal charge depending on the situation. Any letters, emails, text messages, or phone calls that have a sexual nature to them are considered harassment or advances. These can easily be recorded and given to your attorney so that you have proof of the dates and times that the advances have occurred. Even asking about your sexual history or your sexual behaviors can be considered advances in the workplace.

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