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There’s no justification for sexual harassment. Our Westchester Sexual Harassment Attorneys can advocate for you if you are the victim of harassment. How do you react if you are on the job when someone makes lewd and offensive statements to you? What happens when your supervisor invites you on a date and becomes angry when you say you aren’t interested? Are you in a position to file a complaint about these issues to human resources? Is it time to speak with our Westchester Sexual Harassment Attorneys about what has been happening?

Everybody knows sexual harassment is improper, yet it continues to happen with great frequency. With the number of people speaking out against sexual harassment these days, how does it persist? Historically, sexual harassment was aimed at women, although males can be targeted too. Although it might feel like it, you are not alone.

Sexual harassment in the workplace happens every day in Westchester. Many people feel shame, but they shouldn’t. Victims aren’t to blame for sexual harassment. The people to blame are the ones who carried out sexual harassment or were complicit in ignoring it.

You’re now in a position to take control. You need to advocate for your rights. The Westchester Sexual Harassment Lawyers at Leeds Brown Law, P.C. can certainly help you begin this process if you are being sexually harassed at work. Having a seasoned team of lawyers on your side may make a major difference in your sexual harassment lawsuit. A trusted Westchester Sexual Harassment Attorney can explain the situation to you and help you choose the direction to go. Is your supervisor or co-worker violating your employment rights? Contact us to go over your legal options.

Our Westchester Sexual Harassment Lawyers Will Help Answer Your Questions

Sexual harassment brings about not only emotional anguish but practical concerns as well. The Westchester Sexual Harassment Attorneys at Leeds Brown Law can address all your questions and help you identify and process important issues.

People contact us with many different questions: Is this conduct I am experiencing illegal or just offensive? Is this sexual harassment? What can I do or convey to the individual and end the harassment? Am I required to file a complaint about it? Who do I meet with? What can I do today to end the harassment? If my supervisor retaliates towards me, what rights do I have?

Leeds Brown has attorneys who submit lawsuits for clients in Westchester and all over the NY metropolitan region. The members of our team have years of experience taking care of sexual harassment cases and can present you with precise assistance tailored to your situation. You ought to understand your rights and options, and our sexual harassment lawyers will help you do so.

Our New York Sexual Harassment Attorneys Fully Grasp the Laws and Procedures

The laws are complicated. Sexual harassment is prohibited by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, interpreting sexual harassment to be part of sexual discrimination. NYSHRL which stands for New York State Human Rights Law also provides rights to the individual. As you look at your circumstances, what laws would apply to you? Which law provides the best chance of being successful with your set of facts? Are you able to get greater protection under one law or some other depending on your circumstances? We must know what occurred and once we have the facts, our Westchester sexual harassment lawyers can suggest an approach.

Depending on your circumstances, you may have to file a claim with an administrative agency prior to commencing a civil action. You may have to file a federal claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or a state claim with the New York State Division of Human Rights. For people who have been sexually harassed, both can protect you, but there are critical differences between them. All lawsuits are different; you need to bring your claim under the laws that could provide the very best opportunity for success. If you don’t commence your claim within the appropriate venue, you might not receive all remedies that could have been available to you.

Developing a Strategy to Help You Fight Against Sexual Harassment in Westchester

Sexual harassment at work in Westchester is serious, and our attorneys can certainly help you navigate the uncomfortable situation you are in.

Before you can move forward with a claim, you need to create a plan. Based on the scenario, you might report the problem to management. Your employer might have written procedures and policies in place which require you to file an internal complaint regarding sexual harassment. To make a strong claim, you may need to follow their policies and procedures.

Make sure that when you submit a complaint, you document and keep duplicates of all your communication with your employer and the reactions from your company. Having well-documented proof and records is important in demonstrating your claim. Our Westchester Sexual Harassment Lawyers can certainly help monitor this process to make certain it is going forward fairly. If the matter isn’t continuing to move forward, our lawyers will take action as your representatives.

An investigation is needed when a staff member informs his or her boss of sexual harassment. Some supervisors instead, go so far as to punish the employee for filing a report about the sexual harassment. You could have been fired, demoted, or transferred. Did your boss retaliate with verbal or physical abuse? Have you been pushed to quit after filing a report? Retaliation from your manager may be where your most successful claim lies. At times, the retaliation is discreet, and our attorneys are able to recognize when this occurs. We will advise you on documenting all behaviors by your employer that can help build your claim.

Sexual Harassment on the Job in Westchester: What Are Your Remedies?

Depending on your specific claim and on the laws employed, unique outcomes may be accessible to you. Federal and state laws present distinctive remedies for victims of sexual harassment. Your ability to win is impacted by both federal and state laws. Because the laws are distinctive, knowing which to make use of will determine the best approach. The various laws may include compensation for emotional distress, lost wages, future pay and financial awards for punitive damages and attorneys’ fees.

Substantial damages may be obtainable for those who have been sexually harassed at work. Have questions? Contact our offices today. Speak with our experienced Westchester Sexual Harassment Lawyers to find out if we can help.

Speak with Our Westchester Sexual Harassment Attorneys

The impact of sexual harassment on the job can be particularly distressing to handle. The abuse, irrespective of whether it is verbal or physical, may result in worry and depression. The added stress of your job can make things much worse for you. Retaliation is an issue for those who need to file a complaint regarding sexual harassment. What should you do? We have experience and can help. There is no reason to withstand this stress by yourself.

By speaking to sexual harassment attorneys at Leeds Brown, you will receive hands-on, knowledgeable representation from professionals that care. Our lawyers proudly assist valued clients throughout New York. To get a free case assessment, call us today. You might have a valid claim against your company. Let’s talk about your situation.

Our team of experienced employment lawyers can be reached at 1-800-585-4658. Someone is available 24/7 to take your call. Contact Leeds Brown today to talk about your sexual harassment claim in Westchester.

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