Sex Discrimination Based on Gender Identity, Gender Expression Discrimination, or Transgender Identity Discrimination

Discrimination and Harassment of Transgender People – An Introduction
Discrimination is the prejudice, bias or unfair treatment towards an individual due to some personal characteristic. Discrimination against transgender individuals is more than just mistreatment; it can be pervasive and highly destructive throughout one’s life. Transgender individuals are almost four times more likely to experience sexual assault when compared with other LGBT people.
Transgender people are the most disadvantaged group in the LGBT community, and they often face tremendous stigma and discrimination. People are often discriminated against based on their socio-economic status, class, caste, religion or sexual orientation. However, in recent times the transgender community has been at the receiving end of this discrimination. Transgender people face many difficulties when it comes to education and employment opportunities, which is why they live in poverty. Given how difficult it is for transgender people to find jobs, many rely on sex industries such as prostitution or pornography to make money. Transgender individuals also suffer from extremely high rates of depression and suicide that may be linked directly to these problems once they become adults.
Below, we will talk about the discrimination that transgender people face and how it can be prevented. It will also look at what we should do to help them cope with these problems.

Discrimination Transgender People Face
1. Denial of education and employment opportunities. It is challenging for transgender people to get employment in many places. One of the main reasons these individuals do not find jobs or if they are employed, then it becomes very challenging for them to keep their job in the event of the transition at work. Transgender individuals often have low education levels due to a lack of resources, leading to poverty and unemployment.

2. High rates of depression. Depression is a widespread problem that affects many people around the world. Transgender individuals suffer from extremely high rates of depression which can be attributed to their financial situation, bullying and family problems.

3. Stigma and exclusion. Transgender individuals face a lot of stigma due to their identities, leading them to be treated as outcasts. This hurts the individual and affects those around them who are forced to deal with social isolation and exclusion.

4. Physical violence. Transgender people are often the targets of physical violence by others. These individuals also end up fighting on their own with other community members, which only adds to their problems and increases mental distress.

5. Public humiliation. Transgender people are often ridiculed and humiliated in public which can lead to long-term mental distress.

6. Being subjected to unwanted comments. Transgender individuals often face unwanted and hurtful comments about their physical appearance, making them feel like they do not belong.

Various Ways Of Preventing Discrimination Against Transgender People
1. Providing jobs to the transgender community.
2. Educate society about these gender identity disorders to understand what a person goes through in their life. If people are more aware of issues surrounding transgender individuals, they might understand how mental health problems can be created by the discrimination that these people face.
3. Helping those suffering from high rates of depression and suicide can be linked directly to employment issues, especially when it comes to poverty.
4. Using proper names and pronouns when referring to transgender individuals.
5. Being more sensitive towards the community.
6. Treating them as equals and human beings.

This discrimination needs to be eradicated so that these people can have an everyday life where they don’t feel left out of everything around them just because they are different. Transgender people are humans and should be treated fairly.

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