New York Wage Hour Attorneys Ensure You Receive at Least Minimum Wage

New York Wage Hour Attorneys Ensure You Receive at Least Minimum Wage

The New York City wage and hour attorneys at Leeds Brown know that you are a hard working New Yorker. You get up each day, go to work and do your very best. Is your employer paying you the money you have rightfully earned? Do you ever wonder if your wages are being calculated properly or if you are entitled to more?

There are complicated laws in New York City and New York State that govern the way an employer pays workers. It is the responsibility of the employer to follow these rules. If an employer violates the laws by withholding money, failing to pay the minimum wage or miscalculating overtime, you may be able to collect the compensation to which you are entitled. You may want to learn about your rights.

Having an experienced New York wage and hour attorney to help is essential to this process. The attorneys at Leeds Brown have decades of experience defending the rights of workers in New York City and across the nation. We can help you understand the laws and recover your hard earned money. Our compassionate and dedicated lawyers are available twenty-four hours a day, every day of the week to assist clients with their employment and wage related claims.

What is the Minimum Wage in New York?

There is no easy answer to this question because the minimum wage may change depending on the type of work that you perform and where you live. The federal standard minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. $7.25 is, therefore, the lowest hourly wage amount you should be paid for most jobs across the country. The vast majority of states have enacted minimum wage laws that pay significantly more than $7.25 per hour. When comparing state versus federal law, the higher minimum wage amount is the one that prevails.

As of January 2016, the basic minimum wage in New York changed to $9.00 per hour. For most jobs, workers should be earning at least this much.

Restaurants and other hospitality industries must pay their tip employees a minimum cash wage of $7.50 per hour. A restaurant employer is allowed a tip credit of $1.50 per hour to “reach” the $9.00 minimum wage. Other industries have different combinations of cash wages and tip credits. For example, a non-hospitality industry employer may pay a minimum wage of $7.65 per hour and can receive a tip credit of $1.35 if the employer earns at least that amount per hour in tips. There is no tip credit at all in the building service industry.

The minimum wage for New York fast food workers is $9.75 per hour. It is $10.50 for New York City fast food workers. These minimum wage numbers apply to employees of large chains with 30 or more locations. For example, Shake Shack, Duncan Donuts, Chipotle, and Starbucks are required to pay New York City employees $10.50 per hour and other New York workers $9.75 per hour.

Lawsuits for unpaid wages, underpaid wages and unpaid overtime have been filed throughout New York City and New York State on behalf of those being underpaid by their employers.

Minmum Wages are Constantly Changing

In New York and around the country, the rising minimum wage has been the subject of much debate. Many people feel strongly that people deserve a living wage and that can only be met by continuing to increase the minimum amount employers must pay. Some employers are unhappy with the new laws and may try to ignore new requirements. By educating yourself about the laws, you can make sure your employer is treating you fairly. You deserve fair pay for your hard work. New York wage hour attorneys can help ensure that you get it.

Fast Food Workers in New York Receive Minimum Wage Increases

For example, did you know that the current plan in New York is for the minimum wage to continue to rise over time for fast food workers? The numbers above represent just the beginning phase. The minimum wage for New York City fast food workers will rise in increments to reach $15.00 per hour by the year 2018. For fast food workers in the rest of the state, it will reach $15.00 per hour by 2021.

The schedule of increases is as follows:

NYC Fast Food Workers:

  • 12/31/16 – $12.00 per hour
  • 12/31/17 – $13.50 per hour
  • 12/31/18 – $15.00 per hour

NY State Fast Food Workers:

  • 12/31/16 – $10.75 per hour
  • 12/31/17 – $11.75 per hour
  • 12/31/18 – $12.75 per hour
  • 12/31/19 – $13.75 per hour
  • 12/31/20 – $14.50 per hour
  • 12/31/21 – $15.00 per hour

New York City Employees and New York State Employees Also to Receive Increases

There have also been minimum wage increases for New York City and New York State workers and more are coming. Individuals who work for the state university system (SUNY), for example, will have their minimum wages increase much like schedule of fast food workers. Wages will ultimately reach $15.00 per hour in New York state by 2021 and New York City by 2018. New York City Mayor DeBlasio has set up the same type of incremental increase for New York City workers.

Know the Facts About Minimum Wage – Contact New York Wage Hour Attorneys

The more you know about the minimum wage laws, the better you can be protected from an employer who does not follow them. If you think your employer is not paying you the proper minimum wage it may be helpful to speak with an experienced New York wage and hour attorney. The NYC wage hour lawyers at Leeds Brown have decades of experience protecting New York workers and fighting for their rights. Make sure you are being paid properly.

Feel free to call us with any questions you may have regarding minimum wage or any other problem you may be experiencing with your employer. Leeds Brown is a full service employment law firm and we handle all kinds of wage-hour, overtime, discrimination, and sexual harassment claims. Contact our New York wage hour lawyers at 1-800-585-4658 to find out if you are entitled to recover unpaid wages.


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