Qui Tam Attorneys Help Protect Whistleblowers in New York

Qui Tam Attorneys Help Protect Whistleblowers in New York

New York qui tam attorneys help stop fraud by protecting whistleblowers and helping them enforce their rights under the law. The Federal False Claims Act is one law that, under certain circumstances, allows a private citizen to sue a person or company that is engaging in fraud against the government. These actions are called “qui tam” actions. Individuals bring these on behalf of the government. In a qui tam action, the plaintiff can recover a percentage of a successful settlement or verdict. The remainder goes to the defrauded entity: the government.

The Federal False Claims Act, along with similar state statutes, are designed to encourage individuals to speak up in the face of wrongdoing by their employer. It provides a financial incentive for an individual to file a qui tam action. It also includes protection for the “whistleblower.” Just as a company may not fire a person for reporting a health and safety violation, the government protects someone who reports fraud perpetrated by a company against the government. If an employer terminates an employee in this situation, the employee may sue the employer for wrongful termination.

If you have evidence of fraud being conducted against the government, you may wish to speak with a New York qui tam attorney at Leeds Brown. We can advise you of your rights to sue on behalf of yourself and the government and can help you to recover damages or reinstatement if you have been wrongfully terminated.

The whistleblower lawyers at Leeds Brown have decades of experience as full-service employment related litigators. We take a hands-on, team-based approach to our cases and handle each one with dedication and focus. Our track record of successful outcomes stands as evidence of our passionate advocacy. Contact our Leeds Brown to discuss your whistleblower case or any other employment matter you may have. We are available 24/7 to take your call.

Fraud Against the Government Results in Qui Tam Actions

Fraud against the government can take many forms. If you work for any company that frequently deals with government contracts or agencies, or you are a federal employee, you should know what types of actions may be fraudulent. According to the National Whistleblower Center, the following are considered violations of the False Claims Act:

  • Knowingly presenting (or causing to be presented) a fraudulent or false payment to the federal government
  • Conspiring with others to have a false or fraudulent claim paid by the government
  • Knowingly using (or causing to be used) a false record or statement to get a claim paid by the government- Knowingly using (or causing to be used) a false record or statement to conceal, avoid, or decrease an obligation to pay money or transmit property to the federal government.

Some common scenarios of fraud against the government are found in the health care industry and industries that tend to have government contracts. For example, Medicare fraud and Medicaid fraud occur when doctors or employees make false claims for reimbursement. A company with a government defense contract, construction contract or public works contract may commit fraud by overcharging, cross- charging or false-charging the government. Welfare fraud is also fairly common.

New York Whistleblower Attorneys Understand Qui Tam Cases

Qui tam law provides a significant financial incentive to report fraud against the government. If you witness fraud, you may file a lawsuit and be able to collect anywhere from 15-30% of the recovery amount. But, qui tam cases are not like ordinary lawsuits. They require a certain level of expertise to comply with the unique procedural requirements.

For instance, the person with evidence of the fraud must file a disclosure statement with the government and give them a specific amount time to decide if they would like to join the case. The chances of success are greater with government participation in your case and having an attorney who can help convince them to join can be very helpful.

If the company terminated your employment because you reported fraud, you should have a lawyer at Leeds Brown advise you on whether or not you have a wrongful termination claim as well.

Contact New York Qui Tam Lawyers to Report Fraud Against the Government

Fraud against the government can cost taxpayers millions of dollars each year. The False Claims Act makes it easy for individuals to report such fraud by providing significant financial incentive along with whistleblower protection. By filing a qui tam action, you can recover a portion of any financial recovery and help put a stop to fraudulent activity. Remember, you are not required to have suffered any personal damages to bring a qui tam action. You just need credible evidence that someone is defrauding the government.

The New York qui tam attorneys and New York whistleblower lawyers at Leeds Brown understand the complex nature of these types of cases. The procedures and rules are different than ordinary civil lawsuits and having experts who know this can help you present a qui tam case that will have a successful outcome. We can also help determine whether or not you have a wrongful termination case under the False Claims Act or other legislation.

Leeds Brown has a full-service employment law practice, and we handle each case that comes through our door with dedication and care. Our flexible hours and team-based approach mean that someone can meet or speak with you whenever it is most convenient for you. Call New York whistleblower lawyers at 1-800-585-4658 today and take steps toward putting a stop to fraud and getting the compensation to which you are entitled.

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