Obtain Guidance from Sexual Harassment Lawyers in Staten Island

Obtain Guidance from Sexual Harassment Lawyers in Staten Island

In Staten Island Get Help from Our Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Sexual harassment is not acceptable. Our sexual harassment lawyers, representing clients on Staten Island, can safeguard your legal rights. How will you cope with lewd sexual comments that are directed to you in the workplace? Did your boss get upset with you when you declined his sexual advances? Does H.R. even listen to you when you talk about sexual harassment? Is it time to have a consultation with one of our Staten Island sexual harassment lawyers to discuss the facts of your case?

We see reports of sexual harassment daily. The New York Sexual Harassment Lawyers at Leeds Brown Law, PC are here for you when you are sexually harassed at your place of employment.

Contemporary culture has spoken and proclaimed sexual harassment is never acceptable. Yet it continues. Recent stories of sexual harassment against women are showing us just how frequently it really occurs. On a daily basis, employees in Staten Island encounter sexual harassment. There is no shame in being a victim. Sexual harassment is not your fault. The people to blame are those who committed sexual harassment. But you must protect your rights and realize that sexual harassment must come to an end. Let our lawyers help you.

Consult with Knowledgeable Sexual Harassment Attorneys

Talk to skilled employment discrimination lawyers like the ones at Leeds Brown Law if you are experiencing sexual harassment on the job.

Using knowledgeable sexual harassment attorneys will help you defend your legal rights you might not have any idea that you have. An experienced team of attorneys will be working for you and advising for your benefit. Your lawyers will be there to protect you and your needs. Is your colleague or manager violating your legal rights? Our sexual harassment attorneys are here to assist you and to discuss your legal options.

Find the Answers to Your Questions About Sexual Harassment

With the deep emotional effect of sexual harassment, its targets have a lot of important questions. The Staten Island, sexual harassment lawyers in our firm, have the practical experience to recognize the pertinent concerns of your claim.

Those who have suffered sexual harassment often ask numerous questions, which include: Could it be something that I am overreacting to? Could it be my fault? Can anyone be sexually harassed? Is it up to me personally to get the person to stop harassing me? Must I document this, and if yes, how? Who do I talk to? Can someone retaliate against me?

Our attorneys stand ready to help valued clients in NY, including those who work in Staten Island. The members of our team have years of experience taking care of sexual harassment lawsuits and can provide you with precise direction. We can work with you to determine what choices you have and what your legal rights are.

Our Attorneys Understand the Laws, Regulations and Procedures of Sexual Harassment Claims in Staten Island New York

Sexual harassment laws are complex. When you are sexually harassed at work, your supervisor can be violating both federal and state laws, even city laws. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII) defends against sexual harassment as a form of sexual discrimination. NY State Human Rights Law (NYSHRL) does the same. New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL) may also provide you with protection. Do the federal, state, city or all laws apply to you? Based on your circumstances, which provides you the greatest opportunity to succeed? Our sexual harassment attorneys handling cases in Staten Island can evaluate your claim and recommend a plan.

There are times that ahead of initiating a civil claim for sexual harassment you need to submit an administrative charge to the appropriate agency. Do you file with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the New York State Division of Human Rights or New York City Commission on Human Rights? These agencies are all interested in protecting the rights of job holders. Although they seek to address the same needs, you will find important differences between the three agencies. All cases are different; you need to initiate your claim under the laws that can provide the best chance of a favorable outcome. Neglecting to do this can prevent you from attaining the remedies to which you may be entitled.

Investigating and Reporting Workplace Sexual Harassment on Staten Island

For people dealing with sexual harassment and workplace discrimination on Staten Island, you will discover advantages to using our sexual harassment lawyers.

With our experience managing these cases, our initial step is to assist you to formulate a plan. You may choose to file a report about the situation. Your employer might have written policies and procedures set up that direct you to file a complaint regarding sexual harassment. You may strengthen your case if you adhere to the procedures and policies of your company. Your company’s response to your claim is important and, in addition to maintaining records of your actions, you should document and maintain copies of all theirs. Our Staten Island sexual harassment attorneys stay involved during your claim. Our lawyers are working for you, and if things are not going forward, act as your representative.

An investigation is usually appropriate when an employee notifies the manager of sexual harassment. Some managers will incorrectly punish the individual who made the report regarding the sexual harassment or claims to be the victim of said inappropriate conduct. Some supervisors may fire, demote, or transfer the individual. Did you face verbal or physical abuse soon after filing your claim? Have you been made to resign after filing a report about sexual harassment? Retaliation by your employer can be your strongest claim. Our Staten Island sexual harassment attorneys can help you recognize this sort of illegal behavior. We can assist you to establish retaliation and help you record relevant information.

If You’ve Been Sexually Harassed In Staten Island, What are Your Remedies?

The seasoned sexual harassment lawyers at Leeds Brown understand what remedies may be accessible to you. The federal, state and city laws are unique. They can provide distinctive outcomes and affect your ability to prevail. A successful sexual harassment case can result in a variety of damages including things like back pay, compensatory damage awards for emotional distress, pain and suffering, lawyers’ fees and punitive damages.

Significant compensation may be available for people who have been sexually harassed at work. Contact our employment law practice today. Examine the details of your claim with one of our sexual harassment lawyers, helping clients in Staten Island.

Contact Our Sexual Harassment Attorneys Today for Help with Your Claim in Staten Island

Not surprisingly, it can be extremely painful to handle sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is nerve-wracking and can lead to anxiety or depression. The stress can be even greater when you want to remain in your job. Retaliation is a concern for individuals that need to lodge a complaint regarding sexual harassment. How can you safeguard your rights? There’s no need to go through this alone.

By speaking to sexual harassment attorneys at Leeds Brown, you will get hands-on, experienced representation from legal professionals that really care. Our lawyers’ commitment to our clients is second to none. To get a free claim evaluation, call us today. Let us help determine whether you have a case against your employer.

Please call (800) 585-4658. Someone is here to take your call 24/7. Contact Leeds Brown to discuss your Staten Island sexual harassment case today.

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