Get Legal Help from Sexual Harassment Lawyers In Nassau County

Get Legal Help from Sexual Harassment Lawyers In Nassau County

Speak with a Nassau County Sexual Harassment Lawyer

When sexual harassment takes place in the workplace, you ought to talk with our Nassau County sexual harassment lawyers. What exactly are you expected to do when lewd sexual suggestions are made towards you? Have the sexual advances of a coworker made you feel threatened in the workplace? Are you in a position to lodge a complaint about these issues with your boss? Are you discouraged from making grievances about harassment? Are you ready to have a discussion with our Nassau County sexual harassment lawyers to address what has been happening?

Everyone knows sexual harassment is completely inappropriate, yet it persists. If you’ve recently been the target of sexual harassment, you’re not alone. Workplace sexual harassment happens daily in Nassau County.

You shouldn’t feel guilt or disgrace about sexual harassment. The responsibility lies with those who perpetrate or excuse sexual harassment. However, you do need to take action. You have to take the initial step to force them to end their unlawful actions. Our New York sexual harassment lawyers are here to help you do this.

The knowledgeable sexual harassment lawyers at Leeds Brown Law, P.C. can help you if you have been sexually harassed in Nassau County or in the New York metro area. Facing a wide range of legal options, you ought to enlist the assistance of seasoned sexual harassment lawyers. Your attorneys are there to protect both you and your interests.  Is your employer violating your legal rights? A colleague? Call us now and talk about your claim with our sexual harassment lawyers.

Many Unanswered Concerns – Our Sexual Harassment Attorneys Will Help

Sexual harassment results in not only emotional anguish but other concerns too. Having aided many, many people who suffered sexual harassment, our Nassau County lawyers know how to create a framework for you to sort out and pursue critical issues.

Targets of sexual harassment have a lot of questions to be answered:

  • Could it be something that I’m overreacting to?
  • Might it be my fault?
  • Exactly what is sexual harassment?
  • How should I respond to the person harassing me?
  • Am I required to file a complaint pertaining to it?
  • I truly need to keep my job. Can retaliation happen if I defend myself?

At Leeds Brown, we have experienced Nassau County sexual harassment lawyers to help protect your rights and answer your questions. Our lawyers concentrate on sexual harassment and discrimination on the job and can help provide specific advice for you in beginning your claim. We are able to assist you to understand what choices you have and just what your legal rights are.

Bringing a New York Sexual Harassment Claim is Complex

Sexual harassment involves both state and federal laws. For example, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 safeguards against sexual harassment as a form of sexual discrimination. Sexual harassment is also illegal in New York under the New York State Human Rights Law.  Which law covers your claim? Every situation is distinctive. Which laws will protect you the very best? Can the end result be determined by which laws and regulations are applied? Once we fully grasp your situation, our Nassau County sexual harassment attorneys can suggest an approach.

You may need to file an administrative claim before starting a lawsuit. Both the New York State Department of Human Rights (NYSDHR) or the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) may require filings. For people who have been sexually harassed, both offices can protect you. On the other hand, there are important differences between the state and federal agencies. Our knowledgeable sexual harassment attorneys understand the laws, regulations, and procedures and assist you to submit your claim promptly to the appropriate body. In order to recover a financial award, you must bring a well-timed claim within the correct laws in the proper forum.

Reports of Sexual Harassment in The Workplace in Nassau County Must be Handled by Professionals

Sexual harassment at work in Nassau County is really serious.  How can our attorneys help you?

As the initial step, our firm’s sexual harassment attorneys will help you create an approach. You might need to file a report about the situation with your employer. Your company may have written policies set up which require you take specific steps when you encounter sexual harassment. Before proceeding with a case for sexual harassment, you may need to adhere to your company’s procedures and policies. Your company’s response to your claim is important. You have to record and maintain copies of all your communications with your employer and your employer’s responses. The evidence is important in proving your claim. Our Nassau County sexual harassment lawyers stay engaged during your claim process. We can take aggressive further action if your claim is not being addressed properly.

Organizations should examine allegations of sexual harassment. Some bosses instead cover-up the malfeasance, and punish the job holder.  Have you ever been transferred, fired or demoted after filing a report concerning sexual harassment? Did your supervisor retaliate with verbal or physical abuse? After you made a report regarding that harassment, were you made to quit? Retaliation by your boss may be your strongest claim. Our Nassau County sexual harassment lawyers can certainly help you recognize this type of unlawful conduct. We can also help you record it to help construct a strong retaliation claim.

After Being Sexually Harassed on the Job in Nassau County, What Are Your Remedies?

The knowledgeable sexual harassment attorneys at Leeds Brown know what remedies may be available to you. When it comes to lawsuits for sexual harassment, state and federal laws offer distinctive outcomes and can affect your capability to recover. Because the laws and regulations are unique, knowing which to make use of will determine a strategy. Depending on the jurisdiction (state or federal), you might be eligible for unpaid wages, future compensation, compensatory damages, attorneys’ fees and/or punitive damage awards.

Compensation can be available for those sexually harassed in the workplace, and the award may be substantial. Contact us now. Speak to our sexual harassment attorneys servicing Nassau County to see if we can help.

Reach Out and Call Our Nassau County Sexual Harassment Lawyers Now

It can be extremely difficult to deal with the effects of sexual harassment. The mistreatment, whether physical or verbal, may result in worry and depression. Things can end up being made worse by the added stress of your job. You might be too frightened to speak up for fear of retaliation. What actions can you take to defend yourself?

Leeds Brown’s experienced sexual harassment attorneys can answer all your questions. We take pride in our legal services. If you would like a free claim evaluation, call our offices now. Ready to hold your company accountable? Contact us today.

Our team can be reached at 1-800-585-4658, 24/7 to talk about your sexual harassment case.

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