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Each Long Island and New York City Work Discrimination Lawyer at Leeds Brown Law, P.C., understands the numerous federal, state, and city laws that protect employees from discrimination and other unlawful treatment at work. Employers may not make employment-related decisions on the basis of an employee’s protected characteristics. These may include:

  • Age
  • Sex/Gender (including sexual harassment)
  • Race/Color
  • National Origin
  • Religion/Creed
  • Disability/Medical Condition
  • Pregnancy or Pregnancy Related Condition
  • Family Status
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Caregiver Status
  • Marital Status or Partnership Status
  • Military Status
  • Alienage or Citizenship Status
  • Predisposing Genetic Information/Characteristics
  • Gender Identity
  • Status as a Victim of Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, or Stalking
  • Arrest or Conviction Record
  • Credit History
  • Salary History
  • Unemployment Status

Individuals who fall into one of the categories listed above or are believed to fall into one of these categories (in some circumstances) may be considered part of a protected class under federal, state, and/or local laws. If an employee is subjected to adverse employment action based on any of these protected classes, they may have a legal claim of workplace discrimination. Harassment based on any of these classes or characteristics may also be considered unlawful discrimination.

Adverse employment actions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Termination
  • Suspension
  • Demotion
  • Denial of job benefits
  • Denial of promotion
  • Denial of accommodations for a disability
  • Transfers to other locations
  • Transfers to less prestigious or desirable work
  • Transfers to less prestigious or desirable work
  • Negative or lowered evaluations
  • Refusal to hire
  • Reprimands
  • Warnings
  • Work-related threats
  • Denial of training programs

The following may be examples of workplace discrimination:

  • Discrimination based on sex/gender – Your boss promotes your male coworker even though you, a woman, are more qualified for the job
  • Discrimination based on religious beliefs – Your superior makes fun of you for wearing clothing required by your religious beliefs
  • Discrimination based on pregnancy status or pregnancy related conditions – You are terminated because your employer believes your pregnancy status or pregnancy related condition(s) will negatively affect your work ethic
  • Discrimination based on race/color – Your employer tasks you to cover a sales territory because your skin color makes you “fit in ” with the people who reside there

Discrimination in the workplace is both illegal and unacceptable. If you are experiencing discrimination at work, you may want to consider expressing your concerns with your employer or your Human Resource Representative both verbally and in writing. It may be prudent to keep records of any written correspondences regarding your concerns of workplace discrimination. Your employer may fix problem. However, should they not investigate allegations of workplace discrimination or attempt to fix the issue at hand, it is in your best interest to seek legal counsel from a Long Island or New York City Work Discrimination Lawyer. Protect your employee rights and your career. It is important to note that the Long Island and New York City Work Discrimination Lawyer at Leeds Brown Law are sensitive to the needs of clients should they require confidential settlement negotiations, mediation or arbitration, or a jury trial.

If you believe you may be the victim of workplace discrimination, contract an experienced Long Island and New York City Work Discrimination Lawyer at Leeds Brown Law, P.C. We can inform you of your employee rights. You may be able to pursue a claim against your employer and recover any damages to which you are entitled. The New York City Work Discrimination Lawyers at Leeds Brown Law, P.C. take a team-based approach to all cases. Your case will get the hands-on attention it deserves.

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I want to thank you again for assisting me in overseeing my issues with my employer. This is the second time I have used Lenard Leeds, Esq. to fight for me. This time I was a National Sales Manager of a drug company, where acts of discrimination based on my age, national origin and retaliation took place. Mr. Leeds and...

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