Get Legal Help from Sexual Harassment Lawyers In Manhasset

Get Legal Help from Sexual Harassment Lawyers In Manhasset

Manhasset Sexual Harassment Attorneys Can Look After Your Rights

Our Manhasset sexual harassment attorneys can protect your rights if you are the victim of employment discrimination based on sex. Do You think you should have to put up with lewd comments from your boss or colleague? What happens if your boss invites you on a date and becomes angry if you decline? Does the company have a procedure in place so that you can file a complaint concerning these problems? What will happen when you do? Is it time to have a conversation with one of our Manhasset sexual harassment lawyers to discuss what has been happening to you?

Sexual harassment is not acceptable, yet it stubbornly persists in today’s world. Sexual harassment isn’t limited to one industry or one gender. Sexual harassment knows no boundaries.
The victims of sexual harassment are not alone. Every single day people in Manhasset are sexually harassed at work. A lot of people feel disgrace, but they mustn’t. It isn’t your fault. Individuals who perpetrate or excuse sexual harassment are to blame.

You, however, must stand up for yourself and fight back. The time is now to defend your legal rights. Sexual harassment in the workplace must stop. We are here to help you.

The lawyers at Leeds Brown Law can help you move past sexual harassment when it interferes with your work. Instead of handling it by yourself, professional sexual harassment lawyers can counsel you on how to proceed. Your sexual harassment attorneys can construct choices and advocate for your interests. Your lawyers are there to support you. As an employee, you have legal rights. Is your boss violating them? Our sexual harassment attorneys don’t accept bad behavior in the workplace. Call us right now to get assistance.

Dealing with Sexual Harassment is Difficult, and You Likely Have Questions

With the deep psychological impact of sexual harassment, its victims have a lot of concerns. There are several pertinent problems that must be sorted out by your Manhasset sexual harassment attorneys.

Targets of sexual harassment often ask:

  • What exactly is sexual harassment?
  • I’ve said no, and the individual does not listen. How do I handle this?
  • Do I need to report this to my manager?
  • What if the person I need to document this with is the person harassing me
  • I feel that I need protection, what do I do now?
  • Will they retaliate against me?

Our lawyers serve clients in Manhasset and various other regions of New York. The people in our group have decades of experience handling sexual harassment claims and can provide you with precise assistance geared toward your needs. Sexual harassment lawsuits may be complicated, and our lawyers can help explain your legal rights to you.

Sexual Harassment Litigation is Complicated in New York

The laws dealing with sexual harassment and sexual discrimination are complicated. For example, were you aware that sexual harassment is unlawful under a number of laws? Sexual harassment is forbidden by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, interpreting sexual harassment to be an aspect of sexual discrimination. New York State also has laws that make sexual harassment unlawful under the New York State Human Rights Law (NYSHRL). New York City does too, under the New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL). As you look at your case, what laws would apply to you? We have to determine which laws will provide you the most beneficial remedies in your circumstance. Can the result be different based on which laws are applied? After we better understand your situation, our Manhasset sexual harassment attorneys can recommend a plan.

Depending on the law, you may have to file an administrative claim before starting a court action. The New York State Division of Human Rights, the New York City Commission on Human Rights, and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission enforce sexual harassment and sexual discrimination laws. Though they address similar issues, there are critical differences between the agencies. All cases are unique; you have to bring your claim under the laws and regulations that could provide the very best chance for a favorable outcome. Neglecting to do this can keep you from recovering the outcome to which you may be entitled.

Workplace Sexual Harassment in Manhasset Needs to be Handled Professionally

If you’ve been sexually harassed at work in Manhasset, our sexual harassment lawyers can certainly help. Before you can take any action, however, let our knowledgeable sexual harassment attorneys help you construct a plan regarding how to go forward.

Based on the specific circumstances, you might report the issue to internal management. Your company may have procedures and policies that will require you to do this in a very precise way. To file a claim for sexual harassment, you might need to adhere to their documented policies and procedures. Once reported, you will need to document and preserve as much information as you can to help with your case, including your employer’s reaction. Our Manhasset sexual harassment lawyers remain involved throughout your claim. We can take further action if your report is not being handled properly.

Employers should investigate claims of sexual harassment. In some cases, the employer punishes the job holder who filed a report regarding the sexual harassment. Have you been fired, demoted, or transferred after filing a report regarding sexual harassment? Did your manager retaliate with physical or verbal abuse? Have you been pushed to resign after filing a complaint concerning sexual harassment? Retaliation by your company can function as a basis for your damages. However, not all retaliation is obvious. Our Manhasset sexual harassment attorneys can help identify the retaliation and help build a strong claim.

What Remedies Are Available to You if You Have Been Sexually Harassed in Manhasset?

You can be entitled to distinctive remedies, based upon using federal, state or city law. Your ability to recover money is impacted by the choice of law. The laws can also help determine an approach to use. Under the various laws you may be entitled to compensation for emotional distress, back pay or lost pay. You may also be able to receive lawyers’ fees and punitive damages.

Remuneration may be available for those sexually harassed at work, and the amount can be significant. Have questions? Simply call our offices today. Evaluate the specifics of your case with one of our Manhasset sexual harassment lawyers.

Call Our Manhasset Sexual Harassment Lawyers Today

It can be particularly difficult to cope with the emotional consequences of sexual harassment. Anxiety and depression can emerge after the verbal or physical mistreatment of sexual harassment. The stress can be even greater when combined with the demands of the workplace. People that experience sexual harassment oftentimes fear retaliation at work. How do you safeguard your rights? Do not try to do this by yourself. Our lawyers can help.

By speaking with sexual harassment attorneys at Leeds Brown, you will get hands-on, knowledgeable representation from legal professionals that care. Our attorneys’ dedication to our clients is second to none. Call us now for a free claim analysis. Ready to hold your company responsible? Call us today.

Our team of dedicated sexual harassment lawyers can be reached at 1-800-585-4658. Someone is available to take your call 24/7 because we know this is important to you. Call Leeds Brown for a review of your sexual harassment claim today.

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