Get Legal Help From Carle Place Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Get Legal Help From Carle Place Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Speak with a Carle Place Sexual Harassment Lawyer

When sexual harassment occurs at work, you ought to have a consultation with our Carle Place sexual harassment attorneys.

Exactly what are you expected to do if lewd and offensive sexual statements are made in your office? What happens when your manager demands you go on a date and becomes angry when you decline? Does H.R. even pay attention to you if you bring up the subject of sexual harassment? Does your manager threaten retaliation against you for raising an issue? Should you sit down with one of our lawyers?

Sexual harassment happens too frequently in our society. With a great deal of public focus on ending sexual harassment, why does it persist? Women are most often the victims of sexual harassment, although men can be the object of inappropriate sexual conduct too. Also, harassers can be of the same sex or a different gender.

Although it may feel like it, this isn’t happening to just you. Sexual harassment on the job happens in companies throughout Carle Place. You shouldn’t be embarrassed because, after all, you are not to blame for sexual harassment. People who commit sexual harassment are the ones to find fault with. The time is now to protect your rights. When you want assistance, call the New York sexual harassment attorneys at Leeds Brown Law, P.C.

The experienced sexual harassment attorneys at Leeds Brown Law can help you if you’ve been sexually harassed in Carle Place or elsewhere in the New York metro area. With the variety of issues you are facing, you need knowledgeable legal representatives in your corner. A team will be on your side and advocate as your representative. Discrimination and harassment at work are stressful and your lawyer can help reduce that emotional stress. You do have employment rights, and if they are being violated, contact us today and discuss your claim with our sexual harassment lawyers.

If You Have Concerns About Sexual Harassment, we Can Help

Sexual harassment brings about not only emotional, physical and financial pain but basic concerns as well. There are numerous critical issues that must be addressed by your Carle Place, sexual harassment attorneys.

Those who have experienced sexual harassment frequently ask many important questions, including Am I reading the situation completely wrong? Is this even unlawful? Exactly what is sexual harassment? I need the harassment to come to an end. How can I make it stop? How do I deal with this? I am afraid of retaliation by my supervisor. What do I do?

Our attorneys assist people in Carle Place along with workers in other parts of New York. The members of our team possess many years of experience handling sexual harassment claims and can supply you with assistance precisely tailored to your needs. Our knowledgeable lawyers know your legal rights, and we’re here to educate you and represent you.

Our New York Sexual Harassment Lawyers Understand the Laws and Procedures

The laws related to sexual harassment and sexual discrimination are complicated. For example, sexual harassment falls under both state and federal laws. There is a federal law called the Civil Rights Act of 1964, specifically Title VII, that prohibits employment discrimination based on sex. Human Rights Law in New York (NYSHRL), similarly forbids sexual harassment and discrimination. Do the federal, state or both laws apply to you? Which law offers the best possibility of success with your set of facts? Does it matter? After we begin to fully grasp your circumstances, our Carle Place sexual harassment attorneys can recommend a course of action.

Based on the laws, you might need to file an administrative claim prior to starting a lawsuit. The New York State Division of Human Rights (DHR) and the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) both enforce sexual harassment and sexual discrimination laws. Though they look to address the same problems, there are relevant distinctions between the agencies. The likelihood of success may be totally different in each. We help you to file your claim on time with the appropriate group. Failing to do this can prevent you from attaining the remedies to which you can be eligible.

Investigating and Reporting Workplace Sexual Harassment in Carle Place

If you’ve been sexually harassed in the workplace in Carle Place, our sexual harassment lawyers are able to help.

Before yougo forward with a claim, you will need to construct an approach. You might speak with the company to lodge an internal complaint about the problem, after talking about your options with your lawyer. Your employer may have policies and procedures requiring you to do this in a very particular way. To make a viable claim for sexual harassment, you may have to follow their documented procedures. Keep duplicates of all your reports to management and the employer’s responses to your complaint about the sexual harassment. Well-documented evidence and detailed records are critical in proving your claim. Our Carle Place sexual harassment lawyers can certainly help monitor this process to make sure it is proceeding fairly. If the employer is delaying, we can act as required.

When an employee notifies the supervisor of sexual harassment, someone in management should look into it. In certain cases, the employer doesn’t investigate and may even retaliate towards the sexually harassed employee. Have you been demoted, fired or transferred after lodging a complaint regarding sexual harassment? Did you face physical or verbal mistreatment after filing your claim? You might have been required to quit after you filed a complaint about harassment. Retaliation by your boss may be your strongest assertion. Because not all retaliation is obvious, our Carle Place sexual harassment attorneys can help identify the retaliation when it occurs.

What are Your Remedies After Being Sexually Harassed in Carle Place?

Attorneys at Leeds Brown can also help you realize what solutions are accessible to you. You can be entitled to distinctive remedies, based on federal or state law. The state and federal laws also influence your ability to win. Because the laws and regulations are different, knowing which to use will determine an approach. Lost or future pay, unpaid wages, compensation for emotional distress, lawyers’ fees and/or punitive damages may be offered under state and/or federal law.

Substantial damages may be obtainable for people who have been sexually harassed in the workplace. Simply call now if you’ve got questions. Talk to one of our experienced Carle Place sexual harassment lawyers to find out whether we can help you.

Call and Speak with Our Carle Place Sexual Harassment Lawyers

The consequences of sexual harassment may be particularly distressing to deal with. The verbal or physical abuse may result in anxiety and depression. The pressure can be even greater with all the demands of the workplace environment. Retaliation is a real concern for individuals that need to lodge a complaint about sexual harassment and keep on working. What can you do to protect your legal rights? You cannot go through this by yourself. Help is available.

The sexual harassment lawyers at Leeds Brown can address your concerns. Our attorneys proudly serve clients throughout New York. To get a free claim review, call us today. Ready to hold your employer accountable? Call us.

Our legal team can be reached at 1-800-585-4658. Someone is here to take your call 24/7 so don’t wait to pick up the phone. Call Leeds Brown, sexual harassment lawyers in Carle Place to learn more about your claim.

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